Digital X-Ray

Andrew Adelson DDS - Digital X-RayAndrew Adelson DDS uses state-of-the-art digital X-ray imaging. Digital x-ray imaging relies on digital x-ray sensors instead of the traditional photographic films. The advantages of such technology include increased efficiency in image processing and lower radiation exposure.

Digital X-ray imaging provides a whole new level of radiography in dentistry and allows for the application of special imaging processing techniques that allow for enhanced images and displays. Digital imagery also provides increased flexibility in image handling by allowing a means of storing all X-rays in digital format for greater accessibility.

Q: What us a Digital X-ray

A: Unlike conventional X-rays that rely on photographic film, a digital X-ray uses state-of-the-art digital photography technology to achieve superior results with far less radiation exposure. Digital X-ray also provides the ability to enhance images for improved resolution and far greater detail than conventional X-ray equipment.